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Prep Second-hand Uniform/Equipment

Barney Friends Second Hand Uniform Shop

While pupils who are new to the School are encouraged to visit Brookes Outfitters for a fresh uniform, parental volunteers run a very useful As-New Shop for replacements and spares. This is a valuable service and is located behind the Music School at the top of the drive.

We continually need new stock, so if you wish to sell any uniform, please bring the items into the shop during opening hours or leave them at the office in either School.

As with everything brought to the shop, items must be current uniform and should be laundered / dry cleaned and labelled with the sellers contact details. We do not clean or repair clothes but do keep some spare buttons. Articles remaining unsold after 18 months will be recycled and we use our discretion as to what will sell. Articles of clothing no longer regulation uniform will be removed from sale.

The shop is run on a voluntary basis by parents but we will meet parents outside the opening hours wherever possible. Contact Julia Greaves on 07811 231021 if required.

Clothes are sold at a fair price which is often a fraction of the cost new and whilst a percentage of the selling price is retained, 70% is returned to the seller allowing you to recoup some of the initial expenditure. The remaining 30% will be divided between charity and purchases that will benefit the Schools. You can of course donate your items where 100% of the sale price will be retained by the shop, please indicate this on your bag. Payments due will be made each term via your child.

Payment can be made by card, cash or cheque and parents of boarders may add the cost to the school bill. Please note that unfortunately we are not able to offer any refunds.

Please note, we cannot take the following items due to lack of space: grey trousers, shorts or white shirts.