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Chairman: Mr M McCallum

Vice Chairman: Miss C J Elgey JP

Mr A Fielder
Mr D F Starr
Mr C Dennis
Dr N Thorpe
Mr M H Crosby JP
Mrs R Dent JP
Mr D C Osborne
Mr P Hodges
Councillor Richardson
Mr S Crowe
Mrs K Pratt
Mr P Mothersill
Dr T Winzor
Lt Col D Clouston

Clerk to Governors: Mr M White, Tilly, Bailey and Irvine, 8 Newgate, Barnard Castle, Co Durham DL12 8NG.

The Chairman of Governors may be contacted via the School. Any written correspondence should be marked 'Private and Confidential'. It will be forwarded to him at the earliest convenience.

The Governing Body comprises twelve Foundation Governors and seven Nominated Governors. The appointment of a Foundation Governor is made by the Governors at a special meeting and is usually for a five year term. Nominated Governors must be appointed as follows: one by the County Council of Durham as local education authority, one by Barnard Castle Town Council, one by the Old Barnardians' Club, two by the Senate of Newcastle University and one by the Senate of Durham University.

The Governing Body meets each term. The Education and Welfare Sub-Committee meets approximately two weeks before the main committee, under Mr Fielder's Chairmanship.

The House and Finance Committee, chaired by Mr A Fielder, meets approximately three weeks before the main Governors' meeting.